Subscribed databases

Subscribed databases

KU subscribes to 29 databases and the University members have access to 26 028 full-text journals and 407 850 e-books, 38931 other documents and 59 225 LSD standards. Most databases are subscribed through the Lithuanian Association of Research Libraries (LMBA). The subscription to research databases in 2022-2024 is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science.



Academic Complete (eBRARY)

Multidisciplinary, full-text eBooks from various fields of science (232 818 titles).


Full-text scientific peer-reviewed articles on psychology. Information on general, special, applied, clinical psychology. List of journals (121 titles). 

Academic Search Ultimate (EBSCO)

Multidisciplinary, full-text articles. Titles listMore…

Business Source Ultimate (EBSCO)

Full-text journals on business, economics, finance, insurance, international business, accounting, etc. Titles listMore…

Clarivate Analytics

Access to Web of ScienceInCites Benchmarking & AnalyticsInCites Journals and Highly Cited Data.
Note: personal registration is required for the remote access to InCites services (at home). Users must create a personal account. It can be done only at the KU computer network.
User guides.

eBook Open Access (OA) Collection (EBSCO)


eBooks Academic Collection on EBSCO

Multidisciplinary, full-text eBooks from various fields of science (248 993 titles). 
EBSCO eBook Accessibility User Guide and FAQ.

eBooks Subject Collection on Science Direct

Full-text eBooks and eBooks series on topics: computing, medicine, nursing, neurology, biochemistry and genetics, biology, physics and astronomy, mathematics, engineering, materials science, environmental protection, geosciences, chemical engineering, chemistry, psychology, business and management, economics and other subjects (972 titles).

Emerald Management eJournals Collection

Full-text journals (175 titles): management, marketing, financial management, auditing, manufacturing; knowledge management; information society; information sciences, information management, information systems, communication sciences. User guides.

EndNote (Clarivate Analytics)

Reference tool.


Education. Bibliographic database.


Bibliographic database: ecology, environmental protection, global warming, pollution, alternative energy sources, etc. 

Health Source: Consumer Edition (EBSCO)

Full-text articles on health care. Titles list.

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition (EBSCO)

Full-text articles on nursing, health care. Titles list.

InCites Benchmarking & Analytics
(Clarivate Analytics)

Personal registration is required for the access to InCites  at home. A personal account can be created when working in the KU network only. User guides.

InCites Journals and Higly Cited Data (Clarivate Analytics)

Journal Citation Reports and Essential Science Indicators.

Personal registration is required for the access to InCites  at home. A personal account can be created when working in the KU network only. User guides.

eBooks published by Technologija 
(Kaunas University of Technology)

Full-text e-books (71 titles in Lithuanian) from various fields of science: environmental protection, chemistry, labor protection, politics, sociology, economics, management, materials engineering, mechanics, electrical and electrical engineering, electronics, informatics, etc. topics.

eBooks published by Klaipėda University

In the list of subscribed eBooks are included 36 titles published by the KU Publishing House in 2012 – 2020.
Note: eBooks only be read online only, the system does not allow to print or download to a personal computer.

eBooks Vitae Littera 
(Lithuanian University of Health Sciences)
until 2024-02-22

eBooks on health sciences and medicine (135 titles).
The subscription is supported by the K. Saulys Foundation.

MasterFILE Premier (EBSCO)

Multidisciplinary, full-text database. Alphabetical list of titles and list by subject.


Medicine, health sciences. Bibliographical database. Alphabetical list of titles

Newspaper Source (EBSCO)

Full-text articles from regional newspapers. Titles list

OpenDissertations (EBSCO)


Regional Business News (EBSCO)

U.S. business news, reviews, published in 80 magazines and newspapers. Full-text articles. Titles list.

SAGE Journals

Full-text articles on religion, law, communication and information sciences, economics, nursing, health sciences, computers, engineering, education, management, politics, sociology, management and etc. (740 titles). User guide.

Science Direct

Nature and technology sciences, medicine. Access to 2304 full-text journals. User guide.


The multidisciplinary database provides bibliographic records of scientific publications as well as citation data, abstracts, links to full-text articles, patents. Read more about Scopus. Lists of included journals and books. Training videos and user support.

Springer eBooks Collections

eBooks on technology sciences (264 titles). User guide.

Springer Journals  

Full-text articles on religion, law, communication and information sciences, economics, nursing, health sciences, computers, engineering, education, management, politics, sociology, management, and other topics (2217 titles). User guide.

Taylor & Francis

Full-text articles in biology, agriculture, food technology, computing, business, finance, economics, education, social work, sports, cultural heritage, art, tourism, medicine, linguistics, literature and etc. (1990 journals).

Teacher Reference Center (EBSCO)

Education, bibliographical database. Titles list.

Web of Science
(Clarivate Analytics)

Web of Science (WoS) is used for the evaluation of scientific publications. It provides bibliographic and citation data of articles, conference proceedings and links to full-text documents. WoS consists of: Science Citation Index; Social Sciences Citation Index; Arts & Humanities Citation Index; Conference Proceedings Citation Index; Book Citation Index; Emerging Sources Citation Index.

Note: personal registration is required for additional services of WoS and for remote access. A personal account can be created when working in the KU network only.

Wiley Online Library

Full-text articles (1350 journals) in the fields of medicine, science and the environment, physics, astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, engineering, computer science, materials science, law, business, psychology, education and more. User Guidewebinars.

VilniusTech eBooks

Collection of eBooks published by VilniusTech publishing house Technika. Full-text books in the physical, technological, humanities and social sciences (145 titles in Lithuanian). User guide.

Note: Users wishing to read ebooks offline, needs to download iPublishCentral Reader offline reader. To install the reader on your phone, you need to download the iPublishCentral Reader app from the App store or Google Play. It is recommended for institutional users to download the reader while they are using an institutional network.

VDU eBooks

Čepukienė, V. (2020). Psichologo profesinė etika. Kaunas.

Information from the databases may be copied (downloaded to a personal computer or printed out) only for personal research and study purposes and only in small quantities. The transfer of such information to third parties, the re-publishing on internet or the use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

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