Rare Documents and Collections

Rare Documents adn Collections

Several valuable rare book and manuscript collections are stored in the KU Library. The collections stored in the Rare Books Sector (5a S. Nėries Street):

1. Collections of the Archives of Lithuania Minor:

  • A collection of rare books containing 3 000 copies;
  • Periodicals published in Lithuania before 1945;
  • Books published abroad before 1900;
  • Collections of famous people of Lithuania Minor containing books, periodicals, archival materials (letters, photos, etc.), cartography, and other:
    • Collection of Ansas Lymantas
      The famous public man of Lithuania Minor Ansas Lymantas (1921-2002) is famous for his works in press (editor of newspapers „Lietuvos keleivis“„Lietuvos pajūris“ ). From 1951 he lived in Montreal (Canada). In 2002 his archive was transferred to the Library of Klaipėda University.
    • Collection of  Vilius Pėteraitis
      Vilius Pėteraitis (1914-2008), a linguist, lexicographer, contributor to encyclopaedias, public figure, honorary doctor of humanities at Klaipėda University (1995), one of the leading figures of the Prussian Lithuanian movement in exile. In 2001 he transferred his archive (books, periodicals, manuscripts and files) to the Library of Klaipėda University.
    • A collection of manuscripts.

2. A rich and valuable collection of Dr. Kazys Pemkus containing books, periodicals, and archival materials in Dr. Kazys Pemkus Library-Archives.

The Lithuanian physician Kazys Pemkus (1920—1996) left Europe for the United States in 1956 and was active as a doctor, a bibliophile, and a public man until the end of his life. His work in the Lithuanian community and his interest in the preservation of the Lithuanian culture culminated in the creation of a far-reaching archive that was given in 1996 to the Klaipėda University Library.

3. Collections in the Archives of Culture and Arts of Lithuanian emigrants

4. Collections in the Library of the Institute of Baltic Region History and Archaeology (BRIAI), KU:

  • Collection of prof. Leonas Mulevičius;
  • Collection of prof. Stasys Janušonis;
  • Collection of dr. Rimantas Jasas;
  • Collection of Vytautas Kazakevičius;
  • Collection of dr. Algirdas Martynas Budreckis;
  • Collection of books from the mission of the Republic of Lithuania in France;
  • The archives and the collection of publications of the Evangelical Lutheran Parish Tėviškė in Chicago.