• Klaipeda University
  • 08 March 2024

Klaipėda University rector will enter the upcoming term with a new team

As the fourth term of KU rector, Professor Dr. Artūras Razbadauskas comes to a close, he is preparing to enter a new five-year term of leadership with a renewed team. Today, the KU Council approved the candidates presented by the rector to serve as vice-rectors.


Dr. Benediktas Petrauskas will be the only one of the previous three vice-rectors to continue his duties. He is responsible for University infrastructure and development matters. The vice-rector positively remarked that projects initiated during the first term are now either completed or nearing completion. Alongside that, work is being done to develop ongoing projects and materialize new ideas. "My vision for KU is to grow, develop together with the city and the region, and lead the way, as should be a university's legacy," Dr. B. Petrauskas noted prior to starting his second term alongside KU Rector.

Dr. Laura Šaltytė-Vaisiauskė, newly appointed as the Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation at KU, previously led the KU Science and Innovation Service. She is a KU graduate with a Bachelor and Master in Mathematics who also defended her doctoral dissertation at Vilnius University in 2013. Dr. L. Šaltytė-Vaisiauskė has been working at KU since 1999 and teaching since 2003. Upon her introduction to the KU Council, the future vice-rector emphasized the growth of scientific indicators at KU over the past five years and expert evaluations of high socio-economic impact of higher education on the region. She also noted a significant increase in the volume of project activities: since 2019, this indicator has grown by 56.4 percent. Furthermore, during the same period, the number of scientific publications grew by almost 50 percent, and the number of HORIZON EUROPE projects has also increased by about 50 percent. The key to success, according to Dr. L. Šaltytė-Vaisiauskė, are annual discussions with academic staff units, establishing a strong feedback culture, and systematically communicating institution's expectations. As her goal for the upcoming term, Dr. L. Šaltytė-Vaisiauskė identified the continuation of initiated projects.

Dr. Aida Norvilienė, the third vice-rector and also a KU alumna, will officially begin her duties at KU next week. She completed her studies in Childhood Pedagogy, obtained a doctorate in Education and later also completed Public Administration studies at Kaunas University of Technology. She has over 17 years of experience working in managerial positions, the most recent of which is Head of the Department of Pedagogy at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, KU. Presenting her vision for the next five years, Dr. Aida Norvilienė emphasized the issues of ensuring consistent quality of studies, showing a flexible response to societal changes, ensuring lifelong learning conditions, strengthening the internationalization of studies, and developing joint, interdisciplinary, and new study programs.

The new trio of vice-rectors approved by the KU Council will be introduced to the University community during a meeting with the community on 6th March, marking the start of the new term. Since Prof. Dr. A. Razbadauskas was elected for a second term as a rector, there will be no formal inauguration ceremony.


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